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Blinkies & Graphics @
Designs are custom-made and with meticulous details.

Prices starts from $16 onwards (depending on complexity of details and materials used).

Shoe sizes available are between sizes 28-40 ONLY subjected to availability.

Personal ideas welcomed.

Online shopping can be safe if we all work on trust.

All transactions of deposits (for shoes) and costs for other items have to be transacted within 24hrs from time of confirmation.

We do not do WHOLESALES and we appreciate if our customized shoes are not being sold back to others.
Thanks and enjoy. =)


1)FIRST pair at regular price, 2nd pair at 10% discount!

2) All purchases comes with a nicely wrapped box


Free Glitter Graphics

Drop me an e-mail or comment with:
1) Full Name
2) Contact no. & e-mail
3) Shoe size
4) Design of choice
5) Initials if any
6) Straps/No straps
7) Add ons e.g: eyelets
6) Local: Normal mail +$1.50/Reg. Mail +$3.75
8) Malaysia: +SGD $5.50 (reg mail)
Prices are for MaryJanes only

and send it to:

What other things you'd like to have our designs on?
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1. No TWO shoes will ever be the same

2. Meet-ups are highly NOT encouraged

3. Registered mail takes 2-3 working days

4. Normal mails takes 5-7 working days

5. Shoes will only be started once 50% of the deposit is received via bank transaction

6. Concealed cash is NOT accepted

7. Shoes will be ready within 2weeks from time of payment (subject to no. of orders)

8. E-mail enquiries will be replied within 48hrs, appreciate if it is being reciprocated

10. Exchanging of shoes due to wrong sizes etc is not valid

11. Initials on shoes are free of charge

12. We do not do cartoon characters and such due to copyright issues

13. Please give the correct shoe size, enquire if in doubt

14. All shoe orders comes with our designed stickers

15. Shoes expand over time

16. We use Double Rhomb (maryjanes), US Masters/Trail (canvas with lace & slip-ons)

17. All prices are inclusive of brand new shoes

18. Due to hygiene reasons, used shoes sent for re-painting is not viable

19. Changing of laces' colour, detaching of straps are available upon request

20. Toddler size starts from Size 16; brand is Spako

21. Mailed shoes will be wrapped with plain white paper (requirements from singpost),
22. All care is taken in ensuring safe delivery of shoes, however we will not be liable for loss of shoes in mail.

Shoe Designs
May 2007
April 2009

My Series
Bulletins & Latest Additions!
Coloured Batik
Canvas & Slip-Ons Selection
Monochrome Series
Sunshine Series
Delights Series
Quick Grabs' Historia
Nature's bewildest

Current Orders
NurDiniy'sRainbowShoes Sz 40
Chloe'sMidnight Garden Sz36

ThankYou ShoeLovers

Hazbiba's Monochrome Batik
Shahidah's Zebra Design
Anizah's floral toes
Shahidah's pink delights
Anisah's purple delights
Anisah's monochrome batik
Shahidah's monochrome batik
Hazbiba's aunt's monochrome
claire's sun rise
fatin's lil garden of mine
farisha's hibiscus
karen's cheerful sunshine
syira's cheerful sunshine
Idah's red batik
sab's purple batik
siti's roses are red
zuriana's monochrome
zuriana's brown delights
faizah's fiery butterfly
liyana's fiery butterfly
nath's white daisies
fyza's brown floral toes
zakiah's white daisies
jane's grand golden batik
Grace's Gracy Lacy
Kak Zaza's Psychedelic Roll
Nazirah's pink garden
Shima's biege floral toes
Eileen's Patsy Purple
Shahidah's Black Monochrome
Shahidah's Lavender Delights
Aisha's Pure White Daisies
Marni's Psychedelic Roll
YanPing's Richie Red Batik
Wirna's Pink Zebra
Eeeduh's Rumbling Nature
Tya's Skully Design
HamX's J.Sparrow's
Wirna's Reverse Mono
Lin's Cheerful Sunshine
HamX's Perky Purple Batik
Natty's Sun Rise
Phyza's R.Monochrome
Nora's Starry Story
Rya's Purple Delights
Nurul's Lavender Lovers
Sofiyyah's Cheerful Sunshine
Kamy's Monochrome Batik
Nurulain's Monochrome Batik
MaiSarah's Purplelicious Pink
Dayana's Gracious Green
Nysa's Barcode Splash
Kamy's Floral Mist
Baby's R.Mono
Lin's Mono
WeiChing's Beach Bonanza
Syarina's Purplelicious Pink
Zalifah's Purplelicious Pink
Liyana's Purplelicious Pink
Syawal's Purplelicious Blue
Wendy's Customized Purplelicious
Wendy's Customized Barcode Cartoon
Agnes's Customized Shoe
Fairuz's Black Scarlets
Dee's Floral Mist
Namira's Sequin Shoes
Agnes's Customized Dolphin's Paradise
Arjha's Grandeur Purple Batik
Mai's Coloured Scarlets
Daphne's Mono Batik
Jasmine's Sequin Shoes
Nad's Monochrome Batik
Mai's Elysa's Elegance
Jesslyn's Monochrome Batik
Wani's Studded Patrick Sunshine
Massha's Strawberrie Shoes
Massha's Sunrise
Baz's Korean shoe
Eunice's Sunshine Shoes
Massha's Purplellow Shoes
Azren's Monochrome lacy shoes
Nad's Black Delights>
Fad's Cheerful Sunshine
Eza's Princess Butterfly
Iza's ancient orange
Nad's lime sorbet
Sya's RedEvil Starburst
Nasirah's Purple Scarlets
Nasirah's Grandeur Batik
Adibah's Psychedelic Roll
Esther's SunRise
Hajar's Purple Monster
Wani's Alluring Blue Rose
Hanice's FrenshipStrawberries1
Hanice's FrenshipStrawberries2
Hanice's FrenshipStrawberries3
ChaCha's GirlsGoShopping
Mimi's Customized Strawberry
Diniy's BerryBlueButtones
Wanlin's GrandeurGoldenBatik
Wani's His My Valentine
Priscilla's Customized Shoes
Natalia's Curvies' Cobweb Shoes
Noora's Monochrome Batik
Lina's Pink Floral Mist
Zahidah's Floral Mist
Chermaine's Hearts & Such
Nad's Red Scarlets
Nad's Floral Mist
Wani's Childhood Valentine
ChunXue's Monochrome Batik
Sheryl's Monochrome Batik
Felicia's Purplelicious Pink
Kelly's Kitty Shoes
Jocelyn's Emoticon Canvas
Jocelyn's Barcode Canvas
MaiMai's HeartStarSwirls
Eunice's Crochet Creationz
Kak Nora's Insect Story
Bib's Royal Highness
Nurulain's Customized Shoes
Jayce's Purple Delights
Eunice's SunRise
Alya's Street Sunshine
ZiYing's Golden Locks
ZiYing's Purrfect SunRise
Kim's PurplePrestige
Aishah's Floral Mist
Aishah's PinkFloralMist
Arin's Mono Batik
Wardah's PinkFloralMist
Wardah's Floral Burst
Nadiah's GuitarShoes
Wardah's PinkFloralMist
Basirah's PurpleDelights
Farzanah's PerkyPurpleBatik
Dawn's PurpleDelights
Hui2's RichieRedBatik
Shahidah's FloralBurst
Kate's Moo Moo
Idah's Precious Parade
Idah's Gold Crush
Roszy's Gold Crush
Kate's Precious Parade
Rosmalinda's MooMoo
Jane's Animal Farm
Nur's GoldCrush
Jessica's GoldCrush
Aqilah's GoldCrush
Aqilah's SunRise
Aqilah's PurpleBatik
Aqilah's Rev. Gold Crush
Massha's Gold Crush
Massha's SunRise
Ophelia's Rev. Gold Crush
Wardah's Purple Delights
Nicolena's Roaring Red Ribbs
Rachel's MooMoo
Mazuin's MonoBatik
Sufiah's Red Crush
HaiPing's BlueBerryButt
Dawn's Rev.GoldCrush
Iani's GrandeurBatik
Mardhiah's RevMonoBatik
Jessica's GoldCrush
Aqilah's BrownShoes
Elise's After Night
Aqila's SunRise
Gabrielle's GoldCrush
Wardah's Nature's Aura
Massha's MonoBatik
Rasyidah's Rev.GoldCrush
Angela's VioletCrush
Nasreena's Rev.GoldCrush
Fiona's Skull Shoes
Wardah's GoldCrush
Rosmalinda's BrideCar
Mardhiah's Rev.GoldCrush
Lis's PrincessWish
Ann's GreenGrin
Tracy's MonoBatik
Rasyidah's FloralMist
Joanne's RoaringRedCrush
Evangeline's Crossed Shoes
Wardah's Sweet Lil Pink
Nura's Midnight Garden
Maszlina's Midnight Garden
Farah's Red Midnight Garden
Intan's Crochet's Love
Intan's MonoBatik
Elise's TheRoyalWedding
Elise's SweetLilPink
Eva's Purple Xmas
Shik's Lady of Love
Naq's Yellow Belloe
Sharon's Daisy Mono
Maisarah's Olive
Wardah's Olive
Atika's Soccer
Wani's YellowParade
KeWei's designedHeels
Hajar's LilPrincess
Sabirah's YelloCrush
Khairunnisa's MidniteGarden
Joanna's Lil Girl's First
Iffah's Crochet Love
Iffah's Funky Fuschia

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bulletins & Latest Additions!

(edited 11/03/2010 @ 1152hrs)
Dear all, we have moved! Kindly drop by and visit us at!/pages/From-Heels-To-Toes/348927658466
(edited 17/11/09 @ 2241hrs)
Shoes below are tagged as QUIKGRABS! they're available immediately and only 1 pair is available for each design! e-mail now to grab a pair! Hurry! Postage is free!!!
(edited 30/10/09 @0914hrs)
Pretty brooches for sale. Each rose is tied safely to the brooch with nylon strings.
Each brooch measures approx 1cm x 1cm.
Purchase 1 brooch @ 2.80.
Purchase 2 brooches @ $5.00.
Postage fee is inclusive.
All brooches comes with a box.
Hurry! email us at now!
(edited 30/09/09 @ 1204hrs)
Hi all! Business is up and running again! It's been a long pause. We're trying to revamp this site to make it brighter and happier! So do lookout for us! Most importantly, keep your toes and feet happy! Love..

e-mail us now to purchase!

Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 10:35 AM

Saturday, May 26, 2007


  • Bold retro queen
  • Psychedelic coloured circles all around
  • Chunky buttons accompanying circles
  • Stylish silver ribbon strapped on shoes

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • Barcodes with customer's initials at the heels
  • Red heart studs accompanying initials
  • Splashes of paint against black shoes
  • Roaring red background
  • Bold black 3D fabric paint forms swirls
  • Tint of white effect
  • Floral pattern with bold orange stud.
  • Lacy black lace sets the mood.
  • Silvery grey sequins sewn on.


  • White sequins sewn with buttons as the bud.
  • White 3D Fabric paint lines against a bold black background.
  • Silver ribbon adds vibrancy.











Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 11:00 PM

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coloured Batik


I was made with red-toned-black painted flowers with a 3D white glitter lining the flowers and bold black swirls against a snow-white background.


I was made with gold-toned-black painted flowers accompanied by floral designs against a snow-white background, and strapped with a silver-black ribbon. I am valued a little more than the rest due to the gold fabric paint used on me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was made with purple-toned-black painted flowers, accompanied with bold black swirls and studded with a heart-shaped diamond, and ankle-lined black ribbon.


I was made with a purple-toned background, decorated with pretty deep purple flowers and an angelic heart at the back, studded with a heart-shaped diamond.


I was made with a red-toned background, decorated with pretty deep red flowers and an angelic heart at the back, studded with a bold diamond.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was made with a pinkish-toned background, decorated with a different kind of floral design, purplish-reddish toned, with my sides decorated with little emoticons and spells the name of the owner. I'm New!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 9:40 PM

Friday, May 18, 2007

Canvas & Slip-Ons Selection


  • Purple Shoe laces tied against a purplish-pink background.
  • Emoticons Exercising his hands around.
  • Initialled as per customer's desire. =)
  • Total cost is inclusive of shoe laces, design and shoes.

  • Splashes of paint on black shoes
  • Bright green laces adds contrast to the shoes
  • Barcode with customer's name at heel of shoes.
  • Total cost inclusive of shoe laces, design and shoe.
  • Siblings with Monochrome Batik
  • Lined with black paint.
  • Bold monochrome flowers against a painted white background.
  • Black shoe laces tied against white shoes.
  • Total cost inclusive of shoe laces, design and shoes.
  • An adaptation of the sea story in sentosa.
  • Starfished by the seabed.
  • Grandeur of sunset by the beach accompanied by a happy pink dolphin
  • Blue blue skies with little birds roaming free.
  • Total cost includes design and shoes.

Your specifications and custom-made details are most welcomed. =)

Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 7:51 AM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monochrome Series

Curvies and cobwebs for the imaginative minds..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

White floral mists scattered across black background..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I was made with painted lil white daisies with 3D branches against a classic black background

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was made with black-toned-white flowers with white 3D swirls against a classic black background, strapped with a shimmering silver ribbon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was made with white-toned-black flowers, pretty little butterflies with bold-black swirls against a snow-white background, strapped with a classy black ribbon.

Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 12:28 PM

Sunshine Series

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am sunshined with a toned sunset background accompanied by orange-toned flowers and swirls, with a pretty heart at the back and strapped with a bold red design.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I am sunshined with a toned sunset background accompanied by orange-toned flowers and swirls, with a pretty heart at the back.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I am filled with warm floral design, simplicity at its best, with ankle-lined yellow ribbon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 12:27 PM

Delights Series

Get lovingly crushed by this heart of gold...

Parade your style with roaring red designs..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enticed by the beauty of brown? Or get cheeky with the perks of pink.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Violet lovers..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We are meticulously painted designed shoes with a touch from the designer's heart.

Posted by FRIVOLOTIC-SOUL @ 12:26 PM